London; 13 July 2019: The executive members of Organisation of Kashmir Coalition (OKC), including Professor Nazir Ahmed Shawl and Barrister Abdul Majid Tramboo, have paid rich tribute to the martyrs of 13th July 1931.

Both the leaders stated that the martyrs have set a direction for the salvation of the oppressed people and sacrificed their today for tomorrow for their nation. The last words of these martyrs are immortal “We have done our duty now it is for you to complete the mission.”

Ever since the indomitable will of the people is reflected in their sacrifices, the people of Kashmir including the leadership reiterate their commitment to pursue the peoples’ narrative till they are able to decide their political future by exercising their free will in a referendum under the auspices of United Nations.

OKC is committed to expose Indian brutalities on the people of Kashmir on every forum and shall continue to demand international facilitation for ensuring a peaceful settlement.

“If peace moves are underway in Afghanistan and Korea, Kashmir too deserves a peaceful resolution. The best tribute to our martyrs is our indomitable resolve to complete the mission for which they laid down their lives”, declared Prof Shawl and Barrister Tramboo.

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