Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) And Civil Society Have The Power To Influence The Governments, Inter-Governmental Organisations And Individuals On A Whole Range Of Issues Including, Environment, Social, Political And Human Rights. They Can Work To Promote Social Or Political Change On A Broad Scale Or Very Locally. NGOs Play A Critical Part In Developing Society, Improving Communities, Promoting Human Rights And Delivering Justice. OKC Is Mindful Of Its NGO Role.

OKC works with other NGO’s, Human Rights Organisations, Think Tanks and Civil Society and with such groups with similar cause with the intent to ensure that the J&K conflict is debated, discussed and highlighted at every possible forum.

Besides, OKC invariably is in communication with all the related organisations together with all the stakeholder governments on this issue. The diplomacy and advocacy is the centrepiece of OKC’s deliberations on the J&K Conflict.


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