Organisation of Islamic Co-Operation (OIC)

The Organisation Of Islamic Co-Operation Is The 2nd Largest Inter-Governmental Organisation After The United Nations With A Membership Of 57 States Spread Over 4 Continents. Oic Is The Collective Of The Muslim World. It Endeavours To Safeguard And Protect The Interests Of The Muslim World In Promoting International Peace And Harmony Among Various Peoples Of The World. Okc (Including Its Predecessor ORGANISATIONS) Has Been In Close Contact With The Oic Secretariat (Including Office Of The Secretary-General, Office Of The Special Representative On Kashmir And The Oic Kashmir Contact Group) Including Its Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC).

OIC has been resilient throughout in its support with the people of J&K, it has remained, through its diplomatic channels, in contact with OKC and the Governments Of Pakistan And India:


OIC - News & Events

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