International Human Rights Association Of American Minorities (IHRAAM)

IHRAAM serves as an umbrella organization to facilitate and coordinate the efforts of individuals, minorities, and unrepresented peoples and nations to gain access to international law and its enforcement mechanisms. In addition to consultative status with ECOSOC, IHRAAM also holds associate status with the un department of public information, and several other international organizations. IHRAAM was founded in 1983 at the Hague Academy of International Law in the Netherlands by African American attendees, Dr. Y. Kly, Dr. Charles Knox and Dr. Yvonne king. It was incorporated in 1988 in Chicago, in 1996 in London, and registered in Canada in 1997, then federally incorporated as a not-for-profit in 2012.

International Commission For Human Rights (ICHR)

ICHR are committed to work for fundamental freedoms and world peace by providing assistance to the people within the United Nations framework, international and humanitarian laws for realising:

– Right to self-determination; and

– Promotion and protection of their human rights.

South Asia Centre For Peace and Human Rights (SACFPHR)

SACFPHR facilitates the confluence of all the required ingredients of a successful global movement to strengthen the peace building measures in the South Asia region. The mission is also to amplify the concern for peace on the basis of verifiable research, liaise with the media, research institutions and universities.

Kashmir Women's Movement

Kashmir Women’s Movement (KWM) is committed to: Promoting and raising awareness among Kashmiri and International women through informed debates, publications, seminars, webinars and social media; Helping emergent women leadership by providing all possible moral, social and political support; Commissioning or conducting independent and rigorous research focused on historic and contemporary perspectives and proposing workable solutions to the Kashmir issue; and Collecting data and producing impartial, fair and objective analysis with a view to help third parties including government, inter-governmental and non-governmental departments and organisations to formulate policies and practices supportive of the notion to resolve the J&K conflict.

Association of Kashmiri Displaced Journalists (AKDJ)

The Association of Kashmiri Displaced Journalists (AKDJ) is non-political and non-profitable association, comprising of the displaced journalists from turmoiled Kashmir, who have migrated to Azad Jammu and Kashmir and other parts of the world since 1989. The main purpose of establishing this association is to highlight the actual ground realities and human rights situation taking place in turmoiled Kashmir. It needs to be emphasized that Kashmir has become a paradise in prison, where every human right enshrined in universal declaration of human rights is violated. This scenario calls for a collective initiative of all the supporters of civic and democratic rights. Hence, this Association is an attempt to get connected with all the international mechanisms, which highlight the freedom of expression and raise their voice for protecting all the rights enshrined in United Nations Charter.

This association would help strengthen the peoples’ popular narrative for freedom, dignity and identity, by highlighting political injustice, gross human rights violations and commitments made by the world community for resolving the issue through UN-mandated right to Self-determination.

In addition, the aim of the association is to provide a platform to the displaced Kashmiri journalists to share their pleasures and sorrows, help each other in hard times and try to resolve their social and economic problems.

Kashmir Youth Assembly (KYA)

KYA advocates voices and concerns of the Kashmiris Youth. The youth of Kashmir has sacrificed far too much to be forgotten and ignored by the world. KYA believes that together we will bring peace and justice to the people of J&K, collectively we will represent the sentiments of the people of J&K and united we will end the tyranny, oppression and subjugation in Indian held Kashmir particularly that of youth

International Muslim Women's Union (IMWU)

International Muslim Women’s Union (IMWU) lobby, meet with and motivate policy makers for the furtherance of the objectives of IMWU; to work for equality, peace and justice, the rejection of all forms of discrimination and the promotion of cultural and religious dialogue between all women. IMWU is in consultative status with the United Nations.

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