Soraya Boyd

Soraya Boyd is CEO and Founder Facilitate Global a London-based human rights ngo promoting peacebuilding, conflict prevention and conflict resolution, one rule of law, promoting and protecting human rights for all, serving humanity through dialogue and friendship.  Soraya has worked with many NGOs including the London Institute of South Asia, the International Commission for Human Rights UK, the International Muslim Women’s Union, the World Muslim Congress, the Kashmir International Relations Institute, the South Asia Centre For Peace And Human Rights UK presenting papers including but not limited to the right to self determination, extra judicial assassination, impunity, arbitrary detention, the role of the media and press freedom, Muslim Christian relations, the right and access to health and mental health pre- and post Covid19 in occupied Palestine and occupied Kashmir, combating violence against women and military occupation in conferences, seminars and round-tables including UNHCHR sessions in Geneva. For many years, Soraya acted in an emissary capacity to promote the message of peace and coexistence of His Grace Bishop Riah Abu El-Assal, former Anglican Bishop in Jerusalem.

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