Our Outreach Policy

Join OKC as a Partner and together we will work to develop an achievable and sustainable world peace program

OKC believes in providing information and sharing its experiences about its programs and activities to its different kinds of interested groups, from those with the casual interest in the past through to our dedicated partners.  The availability of this information is crucial in assisting our existing partners, attracting new partners and promoting more general awareness of our role among those who are not our partners.  Our outreach policy is at the heart of our work. The main aims of our outreach policy are:

    • Target and present information in different ways to appeal to all those who care about the well being of humanity.
    • Raise awareness of, and stimulate interest in, promoting and protecting human rights around the globe,
    • Increase opportunities for access to international law and its enforcement mechanism for the promotion and protection of human rights,
    • Provide our partners with information at different levels from general introductory guides through to detailed catalogues of each of individual UN mechanisms.
    • Spread understanding of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the fundamental freedoms we care for and the value of those rights and freedoms to the wider community,
    • Act as the intermediary between the United Nations and its affiliate organs mechanism and our partners to facilitate and co-ordinate the efforts of oppressed people, minorities, unrepresented peoples and nations, and
    • Ensure that the appropriate specialist advice and technical support is available to those who need it.
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