Leonid Savin

Education: Sumy machine-building college; Theological college; Ukrainian Association of Distance Education; High School of Journalism; Sociology Dept. at Moscow State University; Institute of the African and Asian countries at the Moscow State University; and at numerous seminars and training courses incl. intergovernmental organizations such as the UN and Council of Europe.

Sphere of professional interests: geopolitics, globalization, foreign relations, multipolarity, strategic culture, international and national security, political philosophy, eurasianity, theory of decolonization, cyber, sociology, unconventional conflicts such as net-centric, hybrid and info-wars.

Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Ancient Greek, Latin, English, Spanish.

Recent positions: Director of the Foundation for monitoring and forecasting of development of the cultural territorial spaces; Editor-in-Chief of the “Geopoliticа.ru”; Head of administration of the International social movement “Eurasian Movement”, Founder and editor-in-chief of the “Journal of Eurasian Affairs” magazine issued by this NGO (from 2013); Expert of the Strategic Culture Foundation; Lecturer in RUDN University (Geopolitics and Eurasian studies); Member of the steering committee of the Islamabad International Counter Terrorism Forum (2018); Member of military-scientific society of the Russian Ministry of Defense (from 2018).

Formerly: Fellow of the Center of Conservative Research and Chief Editor of Geopolitica magazine (Dept. of International Relations, Faculty of Sociology, Moscow State University, 2008 – 2014); Head of department of Social-political research in the Institute of economics and legislation, 2014 – 2015; Editor for international affairs, Tsar-Grad TV (2015 – 2016); Chief Editor of Katehon think tank and Katehon magazine (2016 – March 2017).

Books issued: 

– Global discourse. Sumy, 2003 (editor).

– Toolkit for activist. Sumy, 2005 (editor).

– Against discrimination. Sumy, 2006 (editor). 

– To Geopolitics. University Books, Sumy, 2010.

– Net-centric warfare and Netwar. Introduction to the concept. Moscow, 2011.

– From Sheriff to Terrorists. Essays on U.S. geopolitics. Moscow, 2012 (Also translated and issued into Serbian language, 2014)

– Net-centric sets in the State Governance. Moscow, 2014.

– Cibergeopolitica, organizaciones y alma rusa. Madrid, 2015 (in Spanish language).

– Israeli and Zionist lobby in Russia. Tehran, 2015 (in Farsi language).

– New ways of warfare. How U.S. governs its Empire. Sanct-Petersburg, 2016.

– Zionist lobby in Central and Eastern Europe. Tehran, 2017 (in Farsi language).

– Traditional and family values in contemporary Russia. Research and concept. Moscow, 2017 (editor).

– Social and humanitarian cooperation in Eurasian Economic Union. 2 Volumes. Moscow, 2017 (editor).

– Coaching War. Moscow, 2017.

– Netwars. Belgrade, 2018 (in Serbian language, co-authored with prof. Alexander Dugin).

– Coaching and Conflicts. Moscow, 2019 (in English language).

– Ethnopsychology. Nations and the geopolitical thinking. Moscow, 2019.

– La Nuova Arte Della Guerra. Roma, 2019 (in Italian language).

– Marchas de guerra por otros senderos: Coaching de guerra. Madrid, 2020 (in Spanish language).

– Ordo Pluriversalis. The revival of multipolar world. Moscow, 2020.  

– Arrows of Centaurus. American way of cyberwar. Moscow, 2020.

Author of about 50 scientific publications and more than 3000 articles on geopolitics, international relations, conflicts, globalization, philosophy of politics in Russian and foreign media.

Author of documentary films “Strategy of Solidarity” about activity of the international brigades in Cuba (2012); “Cross of Punjab” about Orthodox Christian community in Pakistan (2019).

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