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The European Union (EU) Is Based On A Strong Commitment To Promoting And Protecting Human Rights, Democracy And The Rule Of Law Worldwide. Human Rights Are At The Heart Of EU Relations With Other Countries And Regions. The EU Actively Uses The UN Guiding Principles On Business And Human Rights As A Substantive Normative Legal Framework Which Obliges Transnational Companies And/Or Other Types Of Business Enterprises To Comply Under International Law With A View To Foster Accountability And Transparency Of All Businesses Thus Upholding Compliance While Safeguarding Human Rights. OKC (INCLUDING Through Its Predecessor Organisations Has Maintained A Robust Engagement With The Eu, In Particular, The European Commission And The European Parliament.

OKC, through its predecessor  organisations, has been engaged with the European Union (EU) on the Jammu & Kashmir conflict throughout. The European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council are on the focus of OKC’s advocacy and diplomacy. OKC is committed to addressing the Kashmir human rights challenges (including their right to self-determination) in a harmonised and effective way by gaining access to the human rights mechanism of the EU and its member states.

On the initiative of OKC, an informal group of MEPs has been launched in the name of All Parties Group On Kashmir (APGK) at the European Parliament with Professor Klaus Buchner (MEP) being its President. APGK And OKC, In partnership, uphold the EU’s strong commitment to promoting and protecting Human Rights, Democracy And The Rule Of Law worldwide with particular reference to the J&K conflict. 

The European Union has remained engaged throughout with the J&K conflict, in particular, the European Parliament. It published various reports and passed various Resolutions on the issue: 


OKC Maintains Communication And Interaction With The European Commissions External Action Service (EAS) On Regular Basis. 

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