About Us

The Organisation of Kashmir Coalition (OKC) serves as an umbrella organization to facilitate and coordinate the efforts of individuals, minorities, indigenous and unrepresented peoples and nations to gain access to international law and its enforcement mechanisms concerning human rights and the right to self-determination.

We are committed to providing assistance among many causes such as Palestine, Kashmir, Dalit, African American, Lil’wat, Gullah-Geechee and many other unrepresented indigenous nations to achieve their right to self-determination and promotion and protection of this human right within the United Nations framework and international and humanitarian laws. It is for this reason that the ICHR Board of Directors in April 2003 took the unanimous decision to open the Kashmir Centre EU at Brussels.

People without nationalities and without states, and particularly those under occupation, suffer disproportionately and while this is often attributed to the pursuit of power, land and resources it cannot happen without tacit acceptance of racism by states and by the implementation of racist, xenophobic and intolerant policies.  Those minorities are denied basic and fundamental rights as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and many have lived for generations under oppressive regimes that offer no legitimate chance for people to decide their own fate.

Barrister Abdul Majid Tramboo

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