KCEU Holds Demonstration Outside Indian Embassy in Brussels

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The ICHR Kashmir Centre.EU today hosted a demonstration outside the Indian Embassy in Brussels.

On this day in 1947 thousands of Indian troops landed in Kashmir to begin, what we now know to be, the longest ongoing militarised occupation of modern times.  This day is known to Kashmiris and Kashmiri supporters as a black day.  

Barrister A. Majid Tramboo, Chairman of Kashmir Centre.EU at the protest said:

“We ask that the government of India agrees with the will of the Kashmiri people and with the will of the United Nations by granting the right of self-determination. Billing itself as the largest democracy in the world for many years the nation of India is obliged to do this if it is to come closer to being a true democracy and to achieving the international respect and legitimacy it strives for.  For the people of Kashmir the struggle will be ongoing until they have their own freedom. Perhaps, India needs to learn from the government of the United Kingdom, which promised right to self-determination in two years period to the people of Scotland bearing in mind there are no UN resolutions on Scotland. India must realize that it is the will of people that prevails and not any colonisation or military might.

We do not stand here as anti-Indian but indeed pro freedom and pro Kashmir. Working steadfastly on the Kashmir issue for almost a decade. We have have always aimed to bring to light any human rights abuses in Indian Held Kashmir as well as to bring together all parties in the conflict in order to foster and maintain a dialogue with a view to making progress towards a just solution.

KCEU is fully aware about the disruption and bad publicity from time to time being caused by the Indian embassy here at Brussels. We are careful to follow such ugly tactics employed by the embassy. KCEU is aware of the elements which are one way or the other engaged in either causing division within the community and or being disruptive within the European Union institutions. Such elements give the impression that they are sincere to the cause of Kashmir but the fact of matter is that they are damaging the cause of Kashmiris.

KCEU has lobbied constantly to have states put forward strong and relevant recommendations in India’s second cycle of UPR this year at the United Nations Human Rights Council. Pathetically all the 169 recommendations proposed by UPR Working Group including the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders were not accepted by the government of India. KCEU will pursue lobbying for the promotion and protection of Kashmiris human rights including their right of self-determination, repeal of all draconian laws (AFSPA, PSA) and holding of independent and impartial investigation on mass graves.”

Among others who participated in the demonstration included Raja Zaheer Ahmed, Co-ordinator Advisory Council to Kashmir Centre.EU (ACKC), Maher Safdar Ali, chief organiser ACKC, Haji Waseem Akhtar (President, Pakistan Peoples Party), Nawaz Butt, Athar Balti and Raja Tahir Mehmood (PPP), Sheikh Majid (President, Tahreek-Insaaf) Ghulam Rabani and Shoaib Khan (Tahreek-Insaaf), Giaus-udin Bhatti and Zulfiqar Ali (Pakistan Muslim League (N)), Mirza Masood Jirar and Khazer Hayat (AJK Muslim League (N)), Choudhry M. Naseer (AJK Peoples Party), Choudhry Iftikhar Warrach (Chairman, Pak-Belgie Welfare Association), Sayed Hassnat Shah Bukhari (Imam, Minhajulquran Mosque), and many other members of the community including the host community.

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