Professor Nazir A. Shawl

Prof Shawl is a multilingual person, an educationist, an author and  poet and a human rights defender.

He has graduated in sciences from the Jammu and Kashmir University, post-graduated in Botany from the Kashmir University, specialising in ecology, post-graduated in education from The Himachal Pradesh University.

Prof Shawl undertook various trainings at NCERT Delhi and SCERT Jaipur and specialised in curriculum development.

He started his professional work from St. Josephs’ Institute, Baramulla and later joined the government education department having contributed to educational theory and practices through different research projects in association with SCERT and UNICEF including developing experimental curriculum particularly in environmental studies.

Prof Shawl has held different positions in his professional career that includes being a Professor and researcher in Botany, field advisor Sciences, coordinator UNICEF assisted project PECR, member Board of Undergraduate Studies in Botany, University of Kashmir and chief test administrator Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS-Bombay).

Prof Shawl’s writings have highlighted his concerns about the human rights of the people in different conflict areas including the Kashmir conflict. He has been chief editor of Kashmir Press International, a news agency.

Prof Shawl instituted a think tank, together with other activists, known as South Asia Centre for Peace and Human Rights of which he is the chairman.

Prof Shawl is the pioneer to introduce the Kashmir conflict in policy making institutions like Royal United Sevices Institute (RUSI), Chatham House, International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), Conciliation Resources, international Alert and Mediation Ireland.

In his advocacy and diplomatic work, Prof Shawl has organised qualitatively conferences, seminars and exhibitions in parliaments, council chambers and other significant venues. He instituted the first Working Group on Kashmir that was chaired by David Ervine and upon his death, he was succeed by John Walls Cushnahan (former MEP).

Prof Shawl has authored a number of books that include:

  • Speaking Silence
  • Wéeping Wisdom
  • Tormented Past and Bruised Present
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