Julie Ward

eJulie Ward was a Labour Member of the European Parliament (MEP) representing the NW of England from July 1st 2014 to January 31st 2020. She was a Vice Chair of the Committee for Culture & Education, and a member of the Committees for Women’s Rights & Gender Equality, Regional Development, and Economic & Monetary Affairs. Julie co-founded a Child Rights Intergroup in the European Parliament and was Co-chair of the Intergroup for Anti-racism & Diversity. Julie visited Azad Kashmir in January 2017, speaking at a youth conference in Muffazerabad and meeting half-widows.

She has spoken countless times on issues of violence against women and youth in IOK both in the European Parliament and at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, and also at various conferences in the UK and online. Julie is an advocate of intercultural dialogue, authoring a major parliamentary report on ‘Intercultural Dialogue, Education and Diversity for Fundamental Values’ which was adopted by the European Parliament in January 2016. Julie is a board member of Remembering Srebrenica NW. 

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