European Union – All Parties Group on Kashmir in the European Parliament

The Organisation of Kashmir Coalition (OKC) launched to facilitate its rapidly expanding collaboration with the European Union (EU).  Member states of the European Union represent our largest shareholder group.  Together we are committed to addressing global human rights challenges in a harmonized and effective way by gaining the meaningful and effective support of the European Union, and its member and candidate states, in monitoring and publishing the massive and gross violations of human rights being perpetrated by military and paramilitary forces in the conflicted territories. And , to seek their support for preventing such massive human rights abuses in the occupied territories by adopting the required resolutions at the United Nations Human Rights Council ; and creating public awareness within the European Union and its member and candidate states by engaging in people to people contact. 

OKC is committed to work for fundamental freedoms and world peace by providing assistance to the indigenous people, within the European Union framework, international and humanitarian laws, for realizing the right to self-determination; and promotion and protection of their human rights.

We focus on building bridges towards a peaceful solutions by promoting nonviolent resistance of indigenous people (Barrister Abdul Majid Tramboo)


The All Parties Group on Kashmir in the European Parliament (APGK) has been re-launched to continue the parliamentary work on Kashmir.

A statement issued in Brussels by the APGK members said that from 2004 to 2014, the European Parliament (EP) had an APGK to highlight the Kashmir dispute especially the issue of human rights violations by Indian troops in occupied Kashmir and to bring together key actors from the region. The statement said as most of those Members of European Parliament (MEPs) were from the UK which has now left the EU, it was necessary to re-launch that APGK.

“Therefore on Tuesday, during a luncheon meeting MEPs from different countries and different political groups came together in the European Parliament to continue the parliamentary work on Kashmir through the re-launch of an informal group, the “All Parties Group on Kashmir – European Parliament (APGK)”, the statement said.

This included MEP Klaus Buchner, MEP Mohammed Chahim (represented by his assistant Bauke Brouwer), MEP Maxette Pirbakas, MEP Carles Puigdemont and MEP Bernhard Zimniok, joined by Barrister Abdul Majeed Tramboo (Organisation of Kashmir Coalition, OKC), Professor Josep Lluis Alay and former-MEP Frank Schwalba-Hoth, it said.

The statement said that it was decided that the APGK should serve as an umbrella informal group to facilitate and co-ordinate all the work and efforts to protect human rights of Kashmiris including the right to self-determination.

Keeping this as the focal point, it was decided to nominate MEP Klaus Buchner as President of APGK, to cooperate with the “Organisation of Kashmir Coalition (OKC)”, to be in close contact with EP committees and the European External Action Service, to put forward an EP Urgent Resolution on the detained Kashmiri leadership, to organise an exhibition in the EP, to hold a “Global Discourse” on Kashmir with participants from the three sides (including parliamentarians from India and Pakistan), the statement said.

The APGK members also invited other MEPs to join their work.

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